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From planning to design to asset maintenance, Robert Bird Group streamlines project delivery to ensure maximum efficiency and value for our clients. We have a reputation for the successful delivery of specialist engineering services in the most complex of environments – both from a structurally challenging perspective, and from a safety and access perspective.


Recognised globally as an industry leader, Robert Bird Group has significant and consistent return business from our clients, because they know and trust that we are at the forefront of innovation and can mobilise and deliver in the most challenging situations.




Every great project succeeds on the guidance of a knowledgeable team that understands how to deliver. Experience underpins our resolve to create efficient and effective solutions that challenge old methods. Our team provides detailed design and high-level advice throughout all stages of the project – from concept to completion. We are proud to add value to client projects during preliminary planning, detailed design and throughout the entire construction process.


Our insight and expertise results in smarter, safer engineering techniques and value for our clients. The Robert Bird Group can produce detailed and considered construction methodologies that address issues such as:

  •  Constraints to construction due to access and construction program limitations
  •  Partial project handover / staging of works
  •  Temporary relocation of public facilities
  •  Activities that may impact on the local area
  •  Heritage / general condition studies
  •  Noise / vibration
  •  Streetscapes
  •  Dust control / waste
  •  Limited construction hours



The development of a Construction Methodology Statement involves a review of available project documentation, and detailed discussions with key project personnel.


A Construction Methodology Statement addresses key construction issues and develops appropriate procedures for the various stages of the project. In addition, Robert Bird Group can provide reviewing services to advise if a proposed construction methodology will be the most appropriate and efficient in terms of construction materials, materials handling, temporary works, time, staging and budget.