Robert Bird Group – Sector Focus: Stadia & Sporting Facilities

Robert Bird Group – Sector Focus: Stadia & Sporting Facilities

Robert Bird Group are engineering specialists in a world of generalists. We are inspired by technical challenges and the complex nature of Stadia and Sporting facilities perfectly complements our expertise.              

RBG are renowned leaders in the design of the foremost challenging elements of large sporting facilities including:


  • Long Span Roof Structures – Advanced buckling and staged analysis.
  • Wind Loading – Post processing of wind tunnel tests.
  • Dynamic Crowd Loading – Stephen Morley was an integral part of the ISTRUCTE working dynamics group that produced the current design guidelines used worldwide.
  • Staged Erection Analysis – Vital to stability of the partially completed structures, it can result in program delays if not considered early. Nick Barker, our Global Manager for Infrastructure and Construction Engineering led our work on the Adelaide Oval and AAMI Park Stadia through focus on this method.
  • Blast Loading Analysis - We work with QUT on research into efficient simulations of blast effects. Our Advanced Technical Services team (ATS) led by John Ward has recently applied award-winning research in this field to sensitive facilities in London, Sydney and Canberra.


Recent RBG landmark projects include:

  • Rod Laver Area – Structural & Civil Engineering – 2014 - Present
  • Adelaide Oval Redevelopment – Construction Engineering and Façade design - 2011-2015
  • AAMI Stadium – Construction Engineering – 2007 - 2010
  • Baku Gymnastics Arena – Structural Concept and Detailed Design – 2011 – 2015
  • SICEEP – Structural, Construction & Civil Engineering - 2012 - 2016


Robert Bird Group have an internationally renowned team with Stephen Morley our Global Leader of Architectural Engineering – Sports and Public Assembly. Stephen led the design of over 30 Stadiums worldwide and has authored industry changing design guides.  


Stephen was Design Management Lead across all venues for the London 2012 Olympics and the IOC selected him to be a consultant on the Athens Olympics. The BBC selected Stephen as a modern day Brunel and was also nominated for the Prince Phillip Design Award for his role as Director of Structural Design for Wembley Stadium UK. Stephen was the lead Structural Concept and Detail Designer for the IOC Gold Medal Award Winning Stadium Australia (now ANZ Stadium). Stephen is currently the Project Design Leader for the $166m refurbishment of Rod Laver Arena.


Two interesting articles published by Stephen on Long Span Structures and Sustainability through embodied design are provided below.


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