ExViz – Virtual Construction


Robert Bird Group’s ExViz services can add significant value to a project.ExViz, the visualisation team of Robert Bird Group, specialise in the visualisation of construction methodology, sequencing and design for the built environment to create a virtual construction platform.


ExViz utilises the latest technology drawing upon BIM and the most advance visualisation software to create technically accurate images and animations that simulate reality by displaying construction processes to the highest level of detail.


Our specialist visualisation capabilities aid in the communication of construction techniques to a broader audience, helping our clients and the general public to visualise aspects of a project that would otherwise be difficult to explain using conventional 2D imaging.


Our visualisation capabilities can also be used to detect design clashes and offer design alternatives, providing a clear understanding of construction sequencing, and enabling our clients to visualise how various construction elements interact in the virtual space.


The ExViz team applies its specialist skills to deliver the following services:

  • Virtual Construction Solutions in a 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D platforms
    • Construction Methodology
    • Erection Sequences
    • Integration of Virtual and Physical Construction Solutions
    • Animation and Sequencing
    • Interactive and Immersive Modelling

ExViz operates globally with the capability to deliver the highest quality visualisation services available to the construction industry.