Why work with us

What an exciting company to work for! 


Innovative, proactive, interactive and client focused are just some of the values that embody the spirit of Robert Bird Group.


Our values are not just a set of words. They encompass whom we are, what we stand for, where we're headed and how we're planning to get there. Robert Bird Group people stand by these values everyday and therefore we attract and keep talented people, develop relationships with the right clients, protect and enhance our reputation and strive to achieve our vision.


Culture  We have a relaxed and friendly culture that is rooted in our strong organisational values.  We are serious about providing a positive, motivating and exciting work environment for everyone to enjoy. We have an active social club with an allocated ‘fun budget’ and we encourage all staff to attend the regular social activities.


People Development  Robert Bird Group supports and encourages all staff to develop and meet their full potential. We have a number of options available which enable staff the opportunity to add another dimension to their current career development. Mentoring is one such opportunity; it enables staff to form mutually beneficial relationships that can lead to the achievement of seemingly impossible goals.  Valuing honesty and integrity, we encourage professional excellence and success in everything that we do.


Wellbeing  The Robert Bird Group will contribute towards your membership with our Corporate Health Care Provider, which allows you to lead a worry free life and benefit from a range of medical services offered. In addition, all Robert Bird Group Employees get exclusive access to our Corporate Staff Benefits Program, which offers an extensive range of services on offer from participating businesses located across Australia. This offering combines quality services and benefits with a variety of recreational and social events to ensure an improved lifestyle.


International Opportunities  We enjoy an excellent reputation in Australia as well as the UK, the UAE, Asia and most recently in India. This reputation has evolved due to our commitment to our clients and the flexibility of our employees to undertake short-term secondments when demand for skills may be required in our related entities. We encourage all staff to consider the professional and personal benefits of working in other locations when opportunities arise.


Policies  We are an equal opportunity employer, and do not discriminate on grounds of age, ethnic or social origin, gender, sexual orientation, politics or religion. Robert Bird Group values diversity within its workforce and strives to implement effective work life balance strategies that meet the needs of all of our employees.