• Robert Bird Founder

    Robert Bird is founder and Executive Chairman of the Robert Bird Group. Since 1982, the company has grown from a small Brisbane based consultancy to a global practice with operations in Australia, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South East Asia and India.

    As Chairman of Robert Bird Group, Robert is responsible for the strategic leadership  of  the  Group, leads  and  coaches  the  RBG team towards achieving its vision of “The Relentless Pursuit of Engineering Excellence’. With approximately 600 staff, the growth, success  and versatility  of  the  company  is underpinned  by  Robert’s  vision,  ‘can  do  attitude’,  relationship  based  business,  and philosophy of being a specialist Structural, Civil and Construction Engineering Consultancy in a complex, dynamic and commodity driven world .

    Robert has a particular passion for large, complex urban renewal developments and unique and challenging “one off” projects that demand an enhancement and utilization of the skills of not only the company but those of the broader professional and academic network. These range from “tall, wide and deep” mixed use developments to heritage and restoration projects, prefabricated and modular manufacturing and construction.

    Since the Robert Bird Group’s formation, Robert has taken a hands-on approach, retaining key roles in major projects and in the process, enhancing the company’s reputation for understanding clients’ requirements and ensuring development objectives are achieved.

    obert personally encourages his company’s continuing commitment to adding value to projects through innovation, on-going research and education and using the collective knowledge of the best available engineering professionals. The continued employment of young and recently graduated people with a “train, promote and retain” philosophy together with strategic recruitment of skilled professionals has been one of the fundamental driving principles behind the success and culture of the Robert Bird Group.

    Robert takes great satisfaction in seeing people in the organization develop into successful leading engineers, technicians and businesses people and he enjoys giving back to the community from which the company have benefitted. This has driven a positive and collaborative culture within the business and with Robert Bird Groups valued stakeholders.

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