1 Leadenhall


The 1 Leadenhall building will be a premium office development located within the financial district of London. The tower is 36 storeys consisting of predominately office space with three basement levels for building services and amenities.

Key Technical Challenges
At each office level, large open space has been achieved by ensuring there are no internal columns within the building footprint. The floor members span from the central core to perimeter columns and have been designed using a composite steel floor framing system.
These spans are up to 18m with the perimeter columns spaced between 9-12.5m apart. Typical steel beam depths are 650mm with an integrated service zone to ensure that maximum floor-to-floor heights can be achieved, with optimum flexibility for MEP services distribution.

Column free corners with large cantilevers have also been incorporated in the design to ensure that the premium office product is realised as well as taking advantage of the site location and the views across London. Minimum dimensions for columns sizes

Our understanding of the commercial office product and Brookfield’s key design drivers enabled us to extract great value from the proposed development. Throughout the design process, Robert Bird Group drove detailed coordination of the central core, finding a structural solution that meant no ‘boots on floors’ to maintin service risers, hence a total seperation of tenant and back of house activities.

RBG provided structural solutions during scheme design which maximised the massing of the super structure, whilst working within the constraints of the existing basement footprint. This resulted in RBG producing various schemes which enabled the superstructure to have a significantly larger footprint, whilst ensuring efficient transfer structures where realised.

During initial design stages, we always consider the method of construction, but on 1 Leadenhall Robert Bird were appointed to develop detailed proposals for the basement construction sequence, with a view to delivering the best programme outcome though integration of temporary and permanent structure requirements. In all instances RBG aims to deliver solutions and construction sequences that de-risk the project early in the design process.

£320 Million
Year Completed:
Stage 4 Design
Building Metrics:
Approx 700,000ft2

Brookfield Office Properties
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural, Civil Geotechnical and Construction Engineering

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