185 Macquarie Street

This unique 14-storey development offers 42 exclusive three= and four=bedroom luxury residences, and 51 car park spaces over six basement levels.

Significant and interesting aspects of the project and Robert Bird Group’s role include the following:

  • 185 Macquarie Street is a 14 storey building of only 42 exclusive residences
  • Constructed within three meters of the city circle rail tunnels it has required detailed structural and geotechnical analyses to confirm that there will be no adverse effects on the adjoining tunnels. Columns are acoustically isolated from the substructure to eliminate vibration in the building from the rail tunnels.
  • With spectacular harbour and garden views, it will significantly contribute to the historic and picturesque Macquarie Street landscape.

Environmental Performance:
4 Star Greenstar
4.5 Star AGBR
Tower Holdings

Crone/Nation Architects
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Engineering

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