AAMI Stadium


This $270M AAMI stadium project involved the construction of a new 31,500 seat stadium, suited to Rugby Union, Rugby League and soccer. The most notable feature of the stadium is the roof enclosure, a cutting-edge three-dimensional geodesic bioframe. The structure is clad in a triangulated panelized façade using a combination of aluminum and glass.

Due to the nature of support for the roof, the design is particularly efficient with steel savings estimated at some 50% over a traditional roof installation. However with this efficiency in final structure came additional complexity in construction. Due to this foreseen complexity, Grocon engaged the Construction Engineering division of RBG to provide construction methodology and temporary works services for the duration of the project, specifically in order to maintain a safe and serviceable roof structure during construction.

This very complex structure warranted a different approach than a typical building structure with RBG choosing to present structural documentation primarily in 3D using 3D Studio Max. Concept documentation was presented to Grocon for discussion as three dimensional renders and animations, which speed-up the conceptual design process by presenting complex concepts in a clear and presentable fashion. Future presentations will be performed using 4D software. RBG utilised in house automated design software meaning that the entire roof structure could be re-analysed under any new or modified construction condition in a matter of hours (rather than days or weeks). In such the viability of revised construction sequences could be very quickly tested and implemented.

Project Value:
$270 million
Year Completed:

Grocon Pty Ltd
Primary Contractor:
Grocon Pty Ltd
Cox Architecture
Robert Bird Group
Construction Engineering

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