Abbot Point Coal Terminal


Gantry Crane Installation Design and Robert Bird Group designed three tower crane installations on rolling gantries for the construction of the Abbot Point Coal Terminal X50 Expansion at Abbot Point, near Bowen, North Queensland.

Our design services included:

  • Modification of two (2) rolling gantries to support a Favelle Favco M860D and a Favelle Favco 1500.
  • Design of new rolling gantry to support Favelle Favco M760D incorporating the existing ballast blocks hung under the tower crane static base.
  • Safe access design.
  • Design of a new precast concrete working deck, to also double as ballast for stability of the gantry.
  • Modifications of the gantry to connect to crane grillage supporting the tower crane.
  • Design of new connections to bogies.
  • Modification of existing 18m box girders owned by the client, to accept Favco 2700 static base.
  • Evaluation of the corrosion on the gantry and an assessment of the ability of the rolling gantry to support the Favco 1500 tower crane.

Redesign of Insitu Concrete
RBG also redesigned cast-in-situ slabs for the permanent structure incorporating the HumeSlab system (pre-cast concrete slab panels with topping slab) to reduce the requirements for formwork and propping during construction.

Year Completed:
John Holland
Robert Bird Group Services:
Construction Engineering

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