St John’s Wood Square


St John’s Wood Square is a super-prime residential development offering a family-oriented lifestyle in central London. It is located on the former King’s Troop Barracks and retains the Grade II listed Riding School, which will be converted into a social hub with spa, swimming pool, and function rooms for both resident and community use.

Above ground, construction includes private apartment blocks, townhouses and junior villas up to five storeys, plus two affordable accommodation blocks, which sit behind retained façades. Below ground, a 130m x 130m, 11m deep site-wide basement provides lower-ground residential accommodation, amenity areas, plant and parking. An additional basement is provided to the villas for private swimming pools. A single level basement is provided within the Riding School provides pool and spa accommodation contiguous with the main basement amenity areas.

Robert Bird Group added value to this project through our knowledge of basement construction techniques, early engagement with contractors and asset owners, and our experience with vibration isolation systems and coordination. RBG developed a construction stage analysis model to determine limits of stresses and movement for the hybrid top-down construction solution, thereby safeguarding surrounding assets,including Thames Water sewers and London Underground

The new basement is located directly over and adjacent to LUL Jubilee line assets, the Thames Water Kings Scholar Pond Sewer, and multiple properties. Key project challenges include the size and scale of the basement excavation adjacent to sensitive assets, inclusion of vibration isolation to the entire site, precast facades, and coordination with prime residential interior architecture.

Project Value:
£1.5 billion GBP
Year Completed:
Due 2021
Building Metrics:
5 storeys with 2/3 storey basement
Retained listed building

SJWS Ltd / Craigewan
Squire & Partners
Wilkinson Eyre
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Temporary Works

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