Virtual Design & Construction

The digital age has allowed engineering possibilities to expand to new, previously unimagined places over the last two decades. RBG is proud to offer specialist Digital Engineering services, and teams with specific skill-sets, that focus heavily on value gained from the latest digital technology. These specialist services and skills are grouped into:


BIM Management

BIM Management is a specialist service where we build and tailor BIM processes – and lead and manage project design teams – on behalf of the client, to ensure that the project benefits desired from BIM are actually achieved in real-life. Our services can range from the creation of project-specific BIM Execution Plans, to designing and leading coordination and document control processes, to independent quality reviews of other’s work in the BIM environment. Ken Lee – based in our Melbourne office – leads our global offering in this service.

4D Visualisation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation must be worth a million.  What better way to communicate the complex engineering solutions of the construction environment, than via realistic time-dependent animations of the construction process, complete with temporary works requirements, staging considerations, construction site logistics requirements, programme constraints, and the surrounding real world.  From simple explanatory renderings to realistic high quality animations, our 4D Visualisation team can deliver powerful messages that demonstrate how risks will be managed, cost avoided, projects completed and why tenders should be awarded.  We’ve been delivering ground-breaking visuals for fifteen years and are recognised as an industry leader in this field.

Digital Design

Computers have become an essential tool in our design process – whether for speed on time-critical projects, or for accuracy where every millimetre counts. They can also create harmony between structure and aesthetics – deriving unique geometries, and being part of the creative design process. Our talented teams of engineers build parametric modelling tools that allow more options and more possibilities. The end result is both increased creative possibilities and more effective engineering outcomes. Want to design millions of structural members in an hour? We can do it.


Want to map stresses to determine where the bracing should go in a high rise building that is both efficient AND geometrically creative? We can do it. Want to analyse thousands of load combinations for a long-span roof during construction in an hour? It is possible.

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