Hong Kong Intern & Graduate Opportunities

Why work with Robert Bird Group?

Robert Bird Group (RBG) recognises that Interns and Graduate Engineers are the future of our organisation and are committed to nurturing great potential into prosperous and successful careers in engineering. We are committed to you and your career development, providing a positive learning environment that will challenge and reward.

As an Intern and Graduate at RBG, you will be supported through the transition from your studies to a fulfilling career. You will work within specialist areas and learn from experienced engineers, expanding your knowledge and experience. We encourage you to take ownership of your career development and we will support you on your path toward chartered status.

We offer access to landmark projects, structured training through a graduate development program, mentoring, on-the-job coaching, a Coding Club for specialist skill development, paid birthday leave, an active social club, various financial and well-being benefits, recognition awards, and a supportive team environment where a healthy lifestyle balance is encouraged.

Our teams specialise in the following disciplines:

Structural Engineering

RBG’s Structures team delivers award-winning, complex, and architecturally iconic structure designs, including tall and super-tall buildings, stadiums, airports, metro stations, hospitals, and major retail centres. Our Structures team is adept in all modern construction materials and systems, not only in concrete, masonry, and steel but also in timber, aluminium and glass, structural fabrics, and composites. At the same time, sustainability is fundamental to their approach to design.

Civil Engineering

RBG’s Civil team provides expert design services from concept and planning through detailed design to construction and maintenance and ongoing management and advice for the project’s operating life. Our team specialises in a diverse range of projects including waterside developments, master-plan projects, and renewable energy projects.

Construction Engineering

RBG’s Construction Engineering (CE) team provide specialist staged analysis, construction methodology, and temporary works design services to some of the biggest contractors and developers constructing landmark building and major transport infrastructure projects. Our CE team has pioneered the development of various approaches and techniques that are now considered an industry standard.

Virtual Design & Construction

RBG uses Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and BIM technology for the daily production of construction documentation to enhance value engineering, via cutting-edge 3D, 4D and 5D (VR and AR) digital engineering. This methodology enables our VDC team to provide re-useable virtual/federated models to improve safety and overall construction efficiencies for construction sequencing and clash detection, and to minimise wastage. Our VDC team creates exciting virtual construction simulations to support landmark projects internationally and across Australia.

Design Your Future

We’re looking for Interns and Graduates who seek to be specialists in a world of generalists, who will thrive on extraordinary technical challenges, and who can collaborate and innovate in high-performing teams.

To apply, please send a copy of your Resume and a Cover Letter outlining which position you are interested in to employment@robertbird.com.au

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