The infrastructure market is truly global – whilst each part of the globe has unique project demands, they all face similar challenges. We build infrastructure to improve quality of life for all of us, balancing economic growth with social need.

Engineering Excellence

Robert Bird Group delivers engineering excellence for a broad range of infrastructure projects that shape our future – contributing to the ongoing success of human civilisation.

Infrastructure projects – for transport, energy or communications – are often highly complex, with multiple interfaces and numerous stakeholders.

World-leading Engineering

Robert Bird Group’s world-leading engineering and construction expertise enables us to collaborate closely with our clients and industry partners.  We identify risks, innovate in order to find creative solutions, and deliver optimal outcomes for these complex projects.

Safety, innovation, sustainability, value & quality are the core principles of our designs and solutions.

From the Australian Outback to the Scottish Firths. From the Underground of London to the windswept steppes of Mongolia. South-East Asia to the Middle East. The Congo to Fjordland. Across the world Robert Bird Group engineers infrastructure that is benefiting our communities and environment.


Engineering Advice

We can provide technical engineering advice for all stages of infrastructure project delivery, and the broader asset life cycle.  This includes planning and feasibility phases, through design and construction, to operations and maintenance, and ultimately decommissioning or replacement.

Our Services

Robert Bird Group provides structural, civil, construction and digital engineering services to enable infrastructure delivery across multiple market sectors, including:

  • Rail
  • Roads & Highways
  • Ports & Marine
  • Aviation
  • Energy & Resources (including renewables)
  • Urban Master Planning and Land Development

Urban Master Planning & Land Development

As our populations grow, the ability to successfully redevelop disused urban land into revitalised residential, commercial, retail and public facilities is vital to maintaining resilient and liveable cities.

Strategically planning urban renewal projects – and incorporating transport and energy infrastructure into these re-imagined precincts – is fundamental to the success of our cities and our society.


Safe and reliable rail services are vital for connecting our communities and industries. As our cities grow out and up, integrated multi-modal transport solutions are required to meet these growing demands


The capacity and performance of our road networks directly impact our economic growth, our welfare, and our quality of life. New road projects seek to improve safety, reduce congestion or reduce travel times.


Using the sun, water, wind, earth, or our waste, to meet our energy needs is an obvious choice to addressing finite non-renewable resources and their subsequent environmental impacts


The world’s ports and shipping lines are the backbone of our logistics networks and global trade, and yet our ports face challenges from ageing infrastructure, climate change, competition, and urban development.

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