• Lilli Fender Global Brand & Communications Manager

    Lilli joined RBG in 2012, quickly developing her skills through hands-on experience producing major global project bids with Group Leaders. Lilli’s flair for design was recognised and she relocated to Sydney in 2014 in the position of Group Marketing Coordinator. In 2016 Lilli transferred to the Brisbane office where she soon became the Group Communications and Creativity Lead. Lilli now resides in Melbourne as the Global Brand & Communications Manager, leading the Brand & Communications team to develop RBG’s brand identity in the marketplace, overseeing and managing internal and external marketing communications, managing the Group’s social media channels and website, and coordinating Group marketing and communication initiatives. Lilli has helped RBG rejuvenate its global communications and marketing material. After working in the London, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane offices, she plays an integral role in the coordination and development of our global communications strategy.

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