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Chris Potter
Chief Operating Officer

Chris embarked on his journey with Robert Bird Group (RBG) in 1988 as a graduate engineer, steadily rising through the ranks to his current role as Chief Operating Officer. Relocating to Sydney in 1997, Chris played a pivotal role in the establishment and expansion of RBG’s NSW business operations.

With a specialised focus in adaptive reuse, heritage refurbishments, forensic engineering, and wharf projects, Chris has been at the forefront of numerous iconic endeavours in Sydney. His leadership has been instrumental in the successful delivery of projects such as the Woolloomooloo Finger Wharf, and the transformation of the historic George Patterson House into the Establishment Hotel. Notably, Chris also served as the Project Director for the One Sydney Harbour Barangaroo residential development.

Among the highlights of Chris’s illustrious career is the Walsh Bay Pier 6/7 project, which stands as a testament to his ability to deliver excellence across his projects. The RBG team, under Chris’ guidance, developed a unique construction methodology that not only added significant value to the project but also garnered industry acclaim. Despite the complexity of the methodology, the project was executed on-time and within budget, earning multiple accolades for its groundbreaking approach.