The Meghbon project is a new luxury residential development in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project consists of 25 pairs of residential towers, ranging in height from 25 to 41 storeys, across a 54 acre greenfield site. The development also includes on-site amenities such as a mosque, sports fields, gardens and parks. The site is split by an existing khal (canal) which is surrouneded by relfecting pools which form the focal point of the development.

RBG provided structural engienering design for the residential towers at the concept stage. Following this, RBG fulfilled an advice and review role for the local engineer of record, Surbana Jurong. This role will extend from schematic stage to the completion of construction documentation. The role primarily involves specialist structural and geotechnical engineering advice related to tall strucutres, foundation design, seismic engineering and wind engineering.

Project Metrics

Year Completed:
2019 – ongoing
Building Metrics:
54 acre greenfield development
25 pairs of residential towers
Towers range from 25 to 41 storeys
Built up area 12,000,000 square feet

Project Metrics

United Group
Surbana Jurong
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural Engineering Design Review and Advice
Geotechnical Engineering Design Review and Advice