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Construction Methodology

As the design of most modern building projects is unique, each project demands its own construction methodology. The Exallos division has developed a knowledge base of construction systems, methods and equipment which facilitate the development of logical and efficient construction methodologies for the erection of building and structures, submissions of development approval documentation and building finance applications during the planning phases of projects.  

In conjunction with contractor guidelines and building programme, site and budgetary parameters, Robert Bird Group’s Exallos team provides a range of services to assist the builder in developing methodology for constructing all or parts of a building.

In devising a construction methodology Exallos considers the following essential factors:
  • site safety, safety to the public, and due consideration to the risks inherent in the project and the management of these risks;
  • the methodology takes into account the availability of construction equipment;
  • the requirement of the type and quantity of construction equipment to achieve desired outcomes; and
  • the structure being erected is not overstressed at any time.

The methodology chosen is based on a thorough structural analysis that ensures that no permanent or temporary members are structurally overloaded at any time. Choice of erection methodology involves consideration of alternative structural approaches that may result in a more economical solution that may add value to the project by offering savings in time and cost to the client.  Reports are prepared outlining the reasons for the adoption of the chosen erection methodology for a particular project.  These reports are required to convey the concept to the personnel on site and to relevant government authorities such as workplace health and safety and union delegates.

Examples of Exallos Construction Methodology projects include:
  • Aurora Cranage Analysis:  Brisbane, Australia
  • Burj Dubai - Complete construction planning:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Coca Cola Plant:  Sydney, Australia
  • MCG Redevelopment:  Melbourne, Australia
  • Melbourne Docklands Dock 5 - Lifting prefabricated steel work for apartment building:  Melbourne, Australia
  • Melbourne Rectangular Stadium: Melbourne, Australia
  • Retrofitting work at White City: London, United Kingdom
  • Ship Loader:  Mackay, Queensland
  • Tennyson Power Station:  Tennyson, Brisbane
  • Walsh Bay construction of basement pier 6 & 7:  Sydney, Australia

  • Mackay Shiploader

    Mackay Shiploader