4D Construction Visualisation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a virtual world must be worth a million! Communicate complex design and engineering solutions via an interactive virtual environment, complete with:

  • Temporary works requirements
  • Construction staging and sequencing considerations
  • Site access, materials handling and logistics requirements
  • Programme constraints, and
  • The surrounding real world


Reveal is an in-house platform that enables project stakeholders to experience, interact with and collaborate on, built assets that are either completed or under construction, in a virtual environment. To find out more watch the video below.

Some of the features RBG Reveal includes:

  • Interactive Model Design Review
  • Model Interrogation and Validation
  • Model Data Federation (inherited from Revit models)
  • 4D Construction Methodologies
  • Customisable Floating Windows
  • Multiple camera modes
  • Interactive 4D Construction Sequence Timeline
  • Measurement tools

From simple explanatory details on still images to animated 4D movies, all the way to high-quality VR models that you can experience, our 4D construction visualisation team can powerfully demonstrate how risks will be managed, cost overruns will be avoided, projects will be completed and why tenders should be awarded. We commonly provide these services to end clients, project managers and contractors for projects where we are providing the engineering services, and even for those projects where engineering is provided by others.

Unlike our competitors, we spend the time and effort to not only model and animate, but also use the virtual environment to identify and solve engineering and construction problems. That is the true value of our 4D construction services:
the intelligence embedded within the visualised solutions.

BIM Leadership and Management

BIM Leadership and Management is a specialist service that RBG offers (currently via selected offices only) where we build and tailor processes – lead or manage project design teams – on behalf of the client, to ensure that the project benefits desired from the BIM environment are achieved in real life. Our services range from the creation of project-specific BIM Management Plans, designing and leading coordination including the document control processes, to independent quality reviews of other’s work in the BIM environment.

Digital Design

Throughout history, advances in technology have aided mankind by accelerating what used to be repetitive and laborious to produce far more accurate and reliable results. The Digital Era signifies design freedom and big data. With digital methods of design, delivery speeds of initial concepts to final product have increased exponentially, allowing designers to walk down many avenues of thought, using informed decision-making to get truly creative while allowing these concepts to be rapidly moulded into reality, faster than ever before. Continually evolving with technology, digital workflows ensure consistent, faster delivery of excellence to our clients.

Digital design is used throughout the Group, including concept engineering design, parametric design, automating drafting/ modelling tasks, BIM and data validation, data interoperability and visualisation. We are committed to fostering exceptional engineering talent who share our dedication to environmentally responsible design. Robert Bird Group is committed to continue to be a leader in the engineering services we offer, to meet the key challenges of the future.

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