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Geotechnical Engineering

At Robert Bird Group, we offer dedicated in-house geotechnical Engineering teams based in London, Birmingham, and Dubai.

Our award-winning geotechnical teams continue to provide industry-leading design solutions on a variety of challenging and prestigious building and infrastructure projects. Our teams can service projects located across the UK, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

The retention of excavations, and the construction of foundations and substructures – especially in constrained urban areas – has the potential to carry significant risks.

If these risks are not well-managed, projects can incur elevated costs or suffer significant programme delays. The need for solutions to mitigate logistical constraints and overcome challenges around in-ground obstructions or potential damage to adjacent existing assets is becoming increasingly common. W are specialists in providing these solutions. We use a range of complex analytical tools in combination with our “Design Leadership” approach to design-out such risks. We also use our “Design for Delivery” approach to develop and inform optimised construction sequences and innovative construction techniques that reduce or eliminate construction risk, leading to better programme and cost outcomes.

Working closely with our clients and their design teams, we assesses the requirements and opportunities of each project to develop bespoke geotechnical and structural risk mitigation strategies at the earliest possible stage. These feed into our designs to ensure that, for each project, an optimised solution is delivered. Our in-house geotechnical team provide a wide range of geotechnical services specifically related to tunnelling, geotechnical and excavations, including:


  • Due diligence consultancy
  • Peer review, including Cat 2 and Cat 3 checks
  • Site appraisals and development of geotechnical conceptual ground models
  • Ground-based risk assessments
  • Site investigation design, management and interpretation
  • Shallow and deep foundation designs
  • Design of temporary and permanent retaining walls, including in-situ and embedded walls
  • Design of large basement excavations, including propping design
  • Design of temporarily works
  • Earthworks and ground build-up, including review of Mechanically Stabilised Engineered (MSE) walls
  • Soil/structure interaction analyses
  • Ground movement assessments due to deep basement, tunnelling and shaft excavations
  • 2D and 3D finite element analysis
  • Damage assessment of buildings, infrastructures and underground services
  • Movement monitoring specification and interpretation
  • Slope stability assessments and design under both permanent and temporary conditions
  • Specification of ground treatment, including underpinning and grouting
  • Specification of dewatering strategies
  • Specification of stock piling material

Our excellent experience and working relationships with the major asset operators, including Network Rail, Crossrail, London Underground and Thames Water, allow us to provide an exceptional asset protection service. As a result, we are often able to unlock the full value of a project that may otherwise appear
overly constrained and unviable.