Structural Engineering

Robert Bird Group provides outstanding innovative and buildable structural design solutions in all sectors across the globe. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients and design partners to deliver the most efficient outcomes while maintaining the architectural vision.

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100 Bishopsgate


Our Approach

Our Structural Engineers have the key role of designing the ‘skeleton’ that connects all of the design disciplines. It is our innovative approach and consideration of sustainable design, which is informed by our renowned expertise in construction engineering and buildability, that assists our clients greatly in meeting cost, risk and programme requirements. We apply this unique expertise and innovation regardless of the size, type and complexity of the project across all building types including urban developments and infrastructure.

Experienced People

Robert Bird Group’s engineers are experienced and adept in all modern construction materials and systems – not only in concrete, masonry and steel, but also in timber including cross laminated timber, aluminium and glass, as well as structural fabrics, composites and plastics. Considerations of sustainability are fundamental in our approach to design.

Our award-winning expertise in the structural design of specialist complex and architecturally iconic structures – including tall buildings, stadiums, airports and major retail centers –  has provided a valuable legacy for cities and communities across the globe.

Advanced Technical Services

Our leading- edge technologies and advanced understanding of construction reduce complexity and risk. Robert Bird Group’s Advanced Technical Services include:

  • Wind engineering
  • Seismic engineering
  • Offshore structures and installations
  • Blast engineering and hardened structures
  • Floor vibration and structural dynamics
  • Lateral dynamics and stability
  • Deep basement design
  • Analysis of long span roofs and tension structures
  • Advanced engineering and finite element analysis
  • Structural façade engineering
  • Moving structures (roofs, platforms, rigging platforms)
  • Demountable structures
  • Digital design

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