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Construction Engineering

At Robert Bird Group, we have built one of the finest reputations across the globe in construction engineering and has become the provider of choice for specialist construction engineering services on some of the world’s most complex and high-profile projects.

Construction engineering is the application of engineering skills that deliver solutions that respect the construction process, ensuring projects are designed for delivery. We utilise our expert leaders and the latest technologies in Digital Design, Data Management and 4D to identify the right solutions for a project.

We believe that engineering solutions should be designed for delivery – where the permanent works are analysed and detailed consistent with a recognised and developed construction methodology. If the methodology is well-considered and innovative, this integrated approach to design and construction can yield massive benefits for a project.

  • Reduced construction cost
  • Reduced construction programme
  • Reduced construction risk
  • Improved safety
  • Improved quality
  • Environmental benefits from reduced temporary works
Construction Equipment and Temporary Works Engineering

The successful construction and delivery of all buildings requires the selection of the most appropriate construction equipment, be that the tower cranes or vertical transport systems to support the chosen construction methodology. Construction equipment selection is often a compromise between what would be the ideal selection and what is available in the marketplace at the time of the construction. Our Construction Engineering teams are often involved in the careful and long-term planning for equipment selections that enhance the outcome of construction projects – especially where the need to
introduce bespoke pieces of construction equipment and complex installation design is required.

We offer a suite of services in Temporary Works Engineering (TWE), from detailed design of temporary works for specialist trade contractors to providing identification, scoping, procurement and third-party review services of temporary works for managing contractors and project managers. Our Construction Engineering teams are often involved in the careful and long-term planning for equipment selections that enhance the outcome of construction projects – especially where the need to introduce bespoke pieces of construction equipment and complex installation design is required.

Construction Methodology and Erection Sequence

We are a world leader in the identification and development of construction methodology and erection sequencing (CMES) for complex building structures. Successful delivery of modern and  iconic buildings now demand a connection between permanent works designs prepared by architects and structural engineers, and the responsibilities of contractors tasked with bringing these buildings to life.

The connection is made by specialist Construction Engineers that are a central part of us, globally. The development of the construction methodology by the construction engineer is linked directly to an understanding not only of the architectural design but also of the primary structural framing system, material selection, worker safety, programme, building location, equipment availability and specific local subcontractor capabilities.

We are able to assess the technical engineering and practical construction risks posed by a project, and develop construction methodologies that either reduce or eliminate risk, whilst efficiently utilising resources to ensure that construction costs and programmes remain optimised.

Construction Logistics Planning

We work with the contractor and supply chain to develop the most appropriate logistics strategy for the project, ensuring its safe and serviceable delivery. Drawing on decades of experience in construction engineering, we've developed a specialist understanding of how to deliver a project that achieves maximum value.

Staged Construction Analysis

We have developed advanced methods of analysis to model and predict the accumulation of locked-in stresses generated by a defined erection sequence and is now regarded as a world leader in this field.

Staged erection analysis is used to:

  • Ensure stability of the partially completed structures
  • Help achieve fit-up of subsequent elements
  • Ensure temporary and permanent (locked-in)
  • Ensure stresses do not overload the structure

For long-span structures, the methods of analysis we have developed are the critical means to determine the stress levels generated by gravity loads, and key to ensuring the stability and integrity of the completed structure.

Plant and Equipment

We have a long pedigree in the development, design and execution of plant and equipment that service the built environment. Having designed bespoke plant and equipment systems for our clients to suit their project needs, we are experts in the delivery of structural systems that achieve their goals.

Virtual Design and Construction

Working in the digital environment is the future and we are experts in the development of the Digital Twin. We provide 4D consulting services to our clients that utilise the latest in advanced digital design and 4D technologies, enabling the digital rehearsal of construction to take place, validating and testing the construction delivery process well in advance of site activities.

From simple explanatory details all the way to high-quality virtual reality models, our 4D Virtual Design and Construction team can powerfully demonstrate how risks will be managed, cost overruns will be avoided, projects will be completed and why tenders should be awarded.

Pre-Construction Solutions

Pre-Construction Solutions (PCS) is an independent and transparent construction advice service that provides certainty and value throughout the project lifecycle. With a holistic approach built on a foundation of practical construction experience blended with in-depth design knowledge, ensures that all aspects of a project are integrated seamlessly and efficiently, providing added value by minimising risks and maximising returns.

Our PCS offering includes unbiased expert-level advice to identify project construction risks, leading to the development of engineered solutions that manage those risks – all communicated via our digitally integrated virtual platform, Reveal. PCS is project-specific construction advice and engineered solutions developed
prior to tender. The offering results in best-for-project solutions that:

  • Reduce risk
  • Create certainty
  • Captures value
  • PCS integrates key services that allow us to develop, measure and evaluate the various performance metrics of a project.