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For more than 30 years, Robert Bird Group has earned one of the finest reputations across the globe for construction engineering services that achieve our client’s vision.  We are provider of choice for specialist construction engineering services on some of the world’s largest, highest-profile and most complex built-form projects.

What is construction engineering?

Construction engineering is the application of engineering skills to develop and deliver solutions required to support the construction process.

Many engineers and designers analyse and detail structures to perform only in their completed state, without respecting the requirements of the construction process.  Robert Bird Group refers to these designs as “wished-in-place,” as they do not recognise or consider the limitations of the construction process, nor do they consider how the permanent works design could be tailored to support the construction process.

In contrast, Robert Bird Group believes that engineering solutions should be “designed for delivery” – where the permanent works are analysed and detailed consistent with a recognised and developed construction methodology.  If the methodology is well-considered and innovative, this integrated approach to design and construction can yield massive benefits for a project.

The benefits of applying effective construction engineering solutions to a project are many:

  • Reduced construction cost
  • Reduced construction programme
  • Reduced construction risk
  • Improved safety
  • Improved quality
  • Environmental benefits from reduced temporary works

Pioneering Approaches & Techniques

In a number of areas of construction engineering, Robert Bird Group has pioneered the development of approaches and techniques that are now considered the industry standard.

Our achievements in this field are significant, and on a global scale including The Shard in London, Midfield Terminal in Abu Dhabi, International Convention and Exhibition Centre Sydney, and the award-winning Adelaide Oval redevelopment. More recently we have been commissioned to deliver construction engineering services on the iconic Battersea Power Station redevelopment project in London. We are proud to achieve significant and consistent return business from our clients as a measure of our success and performance in this field.

Construction engineering is a broad field, and our suite of offered services is testament to our depth of knowledge and expertise.  Given that the construction process can be high-risk, we offer construction engineering services only in those areas where we have senior people with significant skills and experience, to ensure that project outcomes always meet the requirements of quality and safety.

Our Construction Engineering Services

As every construction process generally develops through numerous phases, from initiation to final completion, so there are a number of specific construction engineering services that can benefit a project:

Construction Methodology

Construction Methodology and Erection Sequence (CMES) Development

Robert Bird Group is a world leader in the identification and development of construction methodology and erection systems (CMES) for complex building structures. Successful delivery of modern and iconic buildings now demands a connection between permanent works designs prepared by architects and structural engineers, and the responsibilities of contractors tasked with bringing these buildings to life. The connection is made by specialist Construction Engineers that are an essential part of Robert Bird Group globally.

The development of the construction methodology by the construction engineer is linked directly to an understanding not only of the architectural design but also of the primary structural framing system, material selection, worker safety, programme, building location, equipment availability and specific local subcontractor capabilities.

We are able to assess the technical engineering and practical construction risks posed by a project, and develop construction methodologies that either reduce or eliminate risk, whilst efficiently utilising resources to ensure that construction costs and programmes remain optimised.

Erection Stress Analysis (ESA)

Erection Stress Analysis (ESA)

Permanent works designers rarely consider the effects of the erection process in their design. For structures with short spans, the erection sequence yields little influence. However, when structures begin to span 80 metres or more, the stresses and deformations embedded in the structural frame generated by the erection process can lead to inferior structural performance and, in extreme cases, collapse.

Robert Bird Group has developed advanced methods of analysis to model and predict the accumulation of locked-in stresses generated by a defined erection sequence, and is now regarded as a world leader in this field. Staged erection analysis is used to

  • ensure stability of the partially completed structures,
  • help achieve fit-up of subsequent elements; and
  • ensure temporary and permanent (locked-in) stresses do not overload the structure.

For long-span structures, the methods of analysis developed by Robert Bird Group are the critical means to determine the real-world stress levels generated by gravity loads, and key to ensuring the stability and integrity of the completed structure.

Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment and Temporary Works Engineering

The successful construction and delivery of all buildings requires the selection of the most appropriate construction equipment be that the tower cranes or vertical transport systems to support the chosen construction methodology. Construction equipment selection is often a compromise between the ideal selection and what is available in the marketplace at the time of the construction.

The construction engineering teams from Robert Bird Group are often involved in the careful and long-term planning for equipment selections that enhance the outcome of construction projects – especially where the need to introduce bespoke pieces of construction equipment and complex installation design is required.

Robert Bird Group offers a suite of services in the area of temporary works engineering (TWE), from detailed design of temporary works for specialist trade contractors, to providing identification, scoping, procurement and third-party review services of temporary works for managing contractors and project managers.

Inspection, Investigation and Diagnostic Services

Sometimes, before construction even begins, building owners or potential building purchasers need to understand what condition their buildings or structures are truly in, and whether their lives can be extended via repairs or modifications.  Through our Construction Engineering teams, we offer services to building owners and potential purchasers:

  • Building condition inspections and reports
  • Pre-purchase due diligence investigations and reports
  • Structural repair and life extension services

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