Civil Engineering

Robert Bird Group’s civil engineers provide engineering design services from concept and planning through detailed design on to construction and maintenance, with the potential for ongoing management and advice for the operating life of a project. We offer a wide range of civil engineering services for buildingsinfrastructure and master-plan projects.

Global Services:

  • Civil Engineering Design | Feasibility Studies | Front End Engineering Design (FEED) studies | Master Planning | Statutory Authority Liaison.
  • Negotiation and Approvals | Design Documentation | Construction Methodology
  • Construction Supervision | Construction Phase Services | Asset and Condition Surveys

Areas of Expertise:


  • Major and minor Highway design in accordance with local and international standards
  • Public realm
  • Traffic management, traffic signs and road marking
  • Vehicle restraint systems
  • Flexible, ridged and composite highway pavement and hard-standings
  • Utilities liaison and negotiation
  • Swept path analysis and traffic movement

Drainage and Utilities

  • Hydrology and flood risk assessments
  • Sustainable drainage systems and storm water management
  • Below-ground drainage, pressure relief systems and flood control
  • Open channel, surface water and attenuation/storage design.
  • Pollution control design
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Full 3D BIM in-ground modelling and coordination
  • Catchment planning, hydraulic analysis and network design


  • Erosion and sediment control systems
  • Bulk earthworks and cut-fill analysis
  • Cut fill analysis of sites/roads alignments
  • Slope stability and earth retention systems

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering services can be offered separately or in conjunction with our other services, particularly Geotechnical, Construction Engineering, Civil Structures and Visualisation.

Project examples can be found below, and at the bottom of this page.



Our understanding of highly-constrained sites in urban environments is critical to the development of cost-effective solutions, minimising impact to the local area and in compliance with statutory authorities. This includes construction logistics across large, master-planned sites, including phased utility demand and segregated construction, and public access such as Battersea Power Station’s site-wide roads.



A key RBG expertise is in water-sensitive design (“Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems” in UK), which assists developments to mitigate the risk of flooding and the effects of climate change. This approach includes rainwater harvesting, infiltration, and attenuation to meet statutory and environmental code requirements. Trafalgar Place, London uses a two-stage attenuation system with ‘blue-roof’ construction to reduce underground attenuation in a constrained site. Swales and green roofs assist attenuation, while rainwater harvesting assists landscape irrigation.



Optimising imported-exported material minimises waste and cost. We provide cut and fill analysis for proposed works such as at Mill Green Village Retail Outlet, where we took account of construction logistics and allowances for temporary works such as pile mats or access roads. Civil and geotechnical engineering combine to analyse the soil properties for evaluating material type for re-use, disposal or treatment. This provides a detailed model for creating a landform optimised for the most beneficial cost and environmental solution, as at Barangaroo Headland Park. Phased development and master-plans require greater consideration of how material can be re-used without multiple handling or restricting works in future phases.

Civil Structures

Major infrastructure projects also feature Civil Structures. This specialist service is a growing part or our business and encompasses:

  • Underground rail stations.
  • Bridges: road, rail and pedestrian
  • Rail structures (gantries, platforms, maintenance facilities)
  • Port & marine structures (wharfs, piers, and other marine installations).
  • Energy sector installations and foundations
  • Large box culvert design
  • Earth and water retaining structures

Robert Bird Group is a specialist in underground rail structures such as for the London Bank Station Capacity Upgrade project and Sydney Metro station project. We have also undertaken many waterside developments including Melbourne Docks and Sydney Harbour, with restoration of timber jetties, wharves and new underwater car parks. Our civil engineers have also collaborated with our ATS and Construction Engineering specialists for the Maygen Tidal Turbine installation and Swansea Tidal Lagoon.

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