We serve all sectors of the built environment.

Our engineering expertise and solutions are applicable to a broad range of building and infrastructure sectors. We integrate engineering design excellence with construction and delivery expertise to achieve significant benefits for our client, notably those related to cost, programme and risk. Globally collaborating to address projects at a local level, we can quickly assemble teams of engineering and related professionals from our offices worldwide.

Committed to continuous improvement, we can be relied upon to suggest alternatives to commonly accepted practices. Our ability to fully understand the perspective of the client, the architect and all involved in the project team has resulted in award-winning designs and projects.

Robert Bird Group covers all major sectors of the built environment including Buildings, Infrastructure and Urban Regeneration. Increasingly, many sectors are found together in mixed-use developments, either as functions of a single building or related components of master planned urban regeneration projects.

This section provides an introduction to our sector capabilities, and those specialist skill areas such as tall buildings, long span structures, deep basements and modular construction that traverse many sector categories.

We add efficiencies and value as a trusted team member, especially at the early stages of a project.

We can help prevent costly mistakes, improve work-flow and planning, and offer suggestions to improve the performance of a building or other structure. Working closely with our clients and their design teams, our geotechnical engineers assess the requirements and opportunities of each project to develop bespoke geotechnical risk mitigation strategies at the earliest possible stage. These feed into our designs to ensure that, for each project, an optimised solution is delivered.

We are passionate about inspiring, developing and acknowledging individual and team excellence.

The cornerstone of our mission is the engagement, collaboration and continuous development of our people. Robert Bird Group continually seeks highly motivated and skilled individuals to join our global team. When you work with us, you will contribute to global projects and work with industry specialists. You will advance and augment your skills, innovate, and build your career. Robert Bird Group is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome enthusiastic, skilled individuals who want to work in, and contribute to, a professional and respectful work environment.