• Giorgio Bianchi Director

    Giorgio Bianchi is a Director, who joined Robert Bird Group in 2013. Across his career, Giorgio has developed sound technical and managing experience taking part to several international projects and developing high analysis and technical skills.  He completed his bachelor and master’s degree at Polytechnic of Milan, Italy, where he also collaborated as part-time professor assistant in Structural Mechanics.

    Since 2013, Giorgio has led several projects, from residential high-rise to commercial developments, with complex interactions with Third Party assets. Key projects include Nova East and Place (18-storey commercial development in a highly constrained site), Vauxhall Sky Garden (37-storey tower next to a railway viaduct), Cherry Park (circa 1300 units with a 40- and 32-storey towers) and the Helix (two residential towers respectively 34- and 28-storey high).

    Giorgio’s approach to engineering is oriented at using his experience in different sectors to deliver efficient and innovative design solutions to deliver value to the Client and the Design Team. Giorgio is also passionate about innovation and new frontiers in the construction industry. He is leading the Modern Method of Construction research and development within the London office, with experience in modular and off-site fabrication. He supports the embracing of DfMA and other innovative solutions to deliver higher quality and more sustainable developments and be competitive against other more traditional construction techniques.