MENA Key People, bringing success to the Middle East

Over the last 19 years, we have been fortunate to have a dedicated technical and corporate team to help us build our reputation and achieve major successes in the Middle East regions. Without our committed people building our foundations, our business would not be where it is today!

Over our time in the Middle East, we have amassed a team of over 60 valued employees, that have not only built relationships with our clients, contractors and affiliates but also helped build our specialist structural, civil, geotechnical and construction engineering teams, along with most recently, our Virtual Design and Construction discipline.

A special thank you to Hassan Taleb and Geoff McNeil, who opened our first office in the Middle East all those years ago, as well as our current leadership team Rodney Seely, James Prineas, Raid Al-Mahaidi, Nick Barker, Jason Langer, Samer Jarrer, Alan Penford, Geoff Werran, Zito De Faria, Joshua Paviour, Rhea Albelda, Dana Alyounes, Brendon Miles and Divya Raju who are taking our relentless pursuit of engineering excellence to new heights!

Also a special mention to our long-standing employees, who have seen the majority of our 19 years in the Middle East!

Jason Langer – Group Managing Director – projects
Rodney Seely – Managing Director MENA
Hassan Taleb – Managing Director Surbana Jurong
Raid Al-Mahaidi – Operations Director MENA
James Prineas – General Manager – Major Projects West
Josh Paviour – Associate Director
Paul Mullett – Group Engineering and Technology Director
Madhuri Devi – Software Engineer