The site is located in the heart of Marylebone in the City of Westminster. The proposed developments at the Ashmill Street site and Ashbridge Street Repeater Station site are for 100% affordable housing, enabled by the delivery of the development proposals at Cosway Street.

Ashmill Street

Ashmill Street consists of two conventional 3 storey street-oriented houses of traditional construction – load bearing masonry with timber joisted floors and roof.
The proposed development is for 100% affordable housing, enabled by the delivery of the development proposals at Cosway Street.

Ashbridge Street

Ashbridge Street development is located within central London in the Church Street Ward, an area of Westminster. The site is situated west of Regents Park, north of Marylebone Road and east of Edgware Road. The wider site is bounded by three streets, Ashbridge Street, Ashmill Street and Lisson Grove. It is proposed to redevelop the existing site to create a new RC framed five-storey block of 26 affordable apartments over the existing basement, which will be used as car park space, and landscaped communal areas. The new basement slab will be constructed on top of the existing one; the existing basement retaining walls will also be left in place. The BT retained Repeater Station room and 24/7 access will be fully integrated within the new building. This development will remove a derelict building, provide much needed new affordable housing and improve the surroundings for other local residents.

Cosway Street

Cosway Street development is located in Marylebone within the City of Westminster just to the north of Marylebone Road and between Edgware Road and Marylebone Stations. The site is bounded by Cosway Street to the east, Bell Street to the south, Shroton Street to the north and Stalbridge Street to the west. The Bakerloo Line tunnel runs adjacent to the site below Bell Street to the south of the site with the crown level approximately 22m below ground level.

The proposed development consists of the demolition of two existing buildings and replacement with a new 5 storey plus basement rc structure providing 49 new residential units in a three-sided perimeter block with a central communal garden. The new basement provides 38 car parking spaces, cycle parking, storage areas as well as plantrooms.

The vibration assessment concluded that re-radiated noise and vibration levels exceed the desirable target value for dwellings and therefore the superstructure is isolated using elastomeric bearing.

The fluted façade and external walls will be constructed using precast component faced in brick and stacked from ground floor with lateral restraints at every floor level.

Our experienced geotechnical team engaged from early stages with BT and LUL and their technical representatives to successfully obtain approvals.

Project Metrics

Project Value:
£43 million
Year Completed:
Building Metrics:
Ashmill: 2 storeys
Ashbridge: 5 storeys plus 1 Level of Basement
Cosway: 5 storeys plus 1 Level of Basement

Project Metrics

Primary Contractor:
David Millar Architects
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Civil Engineering