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Women's & Children's Treatment Clinic

Project Description

In response to concerns regarding the transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital decided to construct temporary treatment spaces. These spaces were directly connected to the existing hospital but located externally, providing a physically separate area to address potential new waves of such illnesses in children.

The chosen site allowed for temporary bedroom/ensuite units to be linked to the Emergency Extended Care Unit, situated adjacent to the emergency department. This connection was facilitated by an existing footpath and the utilisation of one curb side parking lane on the external roadway. To meet the urgency of the project, the hospital opted for prefabricated modules for the temporary ward units. Specialised Solutions, a local modular construction contractor, was selected for this task. Mossop Construction + Interiors, already present on-site for a refurbishment project, was engaged to carry out enabling works, including penetrations through the existing facade, services reticulation, and final fit-out.

The Emergency Extended Care Unit being approximately 1 meter higher than the external ground level necessitated the support of the modules with braced stub columns on concrete jersey barriers. Remarkably, the project was completed within a mere 6 weeks of its conception.

Project Challenges

Robert Bird Group had previously been in contact with the Women's and Children's Health Network and Specialised Solutions prior to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus and were known to both parties as advocates for modular construction.

The structural engineering scope of services included the following:

  • Initial advice on various modular construction options and the feasibility of penetrations through the existing façade.
  • Review of archive drawings of the existing structure.
  • Design of blockwork blade walls to stabilise the remaining components of the façade where the penetration was made and to support smoke suppression doors.
  • Design of a narrow link structure between the edge of the existing building and the modular corridor.
  • Calculations to check the capacity of steel framing members and connection sizes for modular units.
  • Calculations to check the lateral stability of the modules in the temporary and final condition including concrete supports and steel bearing plates.
  • Review of shop drawings supplied by Specialised Solutions for modules requiring customisation.
  • Site inspection to validate the stability of the modules and provide advice on adjustments required to respond to site conditions.



Project Metrics

Project Value:

$900,000 AUD

Year Completed:


Project Metrics:

No Data

Environmental Performance:

No Data


Health & Aged Care

RBG Client:

South Australia Government

End Client:

South Australia Government


Detail Studio

Main Contractor:

Specialised Solutions

RBG Services:

Structural Engineering