• Adrian Worboys Group Digital Production Lead

    Adrian joined Robert Bird Group in 2003 as a Senior Structural Draftsperson. In 2005, Adrian was promoted to Drafting Manager – Brisbane Structural Section and was involved in numerous local projects.

    In 2008, Adrian moved into a Group Drafting role that included training, software implementation, BIM, drafting standards and quality for RBG across all offices. In 2019, Adrian moved into his current role as Group Digital Production Lead. Adrian’s role covers many aspects, including strategic implementation, evaluation and maintenance of various software tools, and notably, he was responsible for the business-wide transition from 2D CAD to Revit in 2005. Adrian is passionate about reducing waste across all workflows and is now heavily involved in the RBG’s Engineering and Technology initiatives. This includes the development of BIM services, the application of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), the use of digital workflows and ongoing experimentation with 3D printing across the group.

    Adrian also works closely with RBG’s Group BIM Manager on identifying and understanding future processes and technology advancements in the industry to assist and outline the impact on RBG’s delivery.