• Jarrad Warhurst Director, Construction Engineering Division Lead

    Jarrad Warhurst leads the Construction Engineering discipline in Europe, overseeing the operations of our Construction Engineering Teams.

    Since joining Robert Bird Group in 2011, Jarrad has gained extensive experience across a breadth of engineering disciplines having worked in Australia, the Middle East and United Kingdom. He is experienced in delivering some of the worldís largest projects across Residential, Commercial, Aviation, Infrastructure and Sports sectors and is committed to delivering value for the client. Some of his achievements include advising Battersea Power Station Development Company on how to optimize value for their £9 Billion flagship. Jarrad also delivered the construction engineering solutions to support the $6 Billion Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield terminal as well as the award-winning Adelaide oval redevelopment.

    Jarradís typical involvement is the development of practical and pragmatic solutions for highly complex and technical projects to achieve the desired value for the client.

    Jarrad, leading RBGís Construction Engineering discipline, has worked closely with other industry partners to develop solutions that deliver optimal structural vs programme efficiency while ensuring value for money. He has also gained extensive experience working on site, and closely with contractors, allowing his engineering solutions to adopt a ëDesign for Deliveryí approach, incorporating construction smarts within design from an early stage.

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