• Laura Legnani Associate Director

    Laura is Chartered Engineer, who joined Robert Bird Group in 2013. She has experience in the design, construction and project leadership of a variety of standard and unique engineering projects, both in the UK and abroad, in residential, commercial, offshore, rail and aviation sector.

    Laura has a considerable experience in using finite element analysis and automation techniques to provide efficient solutions for projects. Since April 2019, she has been leading the company’s Advanced Technical Services Team as its Team Leader, proving her leadership and organisational skills. Laura’s approach to engineering allowed her to work on complex large projects like the Midfield Terminal Roof (roof for the new Abu Dhabi airport terminal) and One Waterloo in London (a 31-storey office building in London spanning across different tube lines), where technical aspects, communication and design leadership are key to deliver efficient solutions for complex problems.

    Laura is also passionate about sustainability and she leads the Sustainability research and development within the UK business.

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