Brisbane Key People; passion attracts good people and good clients alike.

What makes a business succeed? RBG knows the answer to this question, put simply, it’s the people!

Indeed, a business cannot function without technology, processes, money and supply but at the foundation of it all is the employees who come together every day to make it work.

In Robert Bird’s words, “at Robert Bird Group, we recognise that passion attracts good people and good clients alike. It is vital to surround yourself with people who strive to push boundaries while keeping safety and sustainability in mind.”

RBG has built and maintained a competitive edge for the past 40 years by hiring staff who are dedicated to engineering, and the pursuit of excellence. We firmly believe in fully understanding a client’s needs and serving these to attain remarkable results.

The Brisbane office has seen countless individuals across the years that have guided colleagues with strong values that align with the business’ own. RBG sincerely thanks all staff, past and present, for joining us and developing robust solutions via innovation, continuous improvement, and benchmarking.

We celebrate our key long-standing staff who have seen most of, if not all, our 40 years in business.

Andrew Lindner, Group Quality Manager / Civil Technical Manager is a loyal RBG team member, who was the first employee of Robert Bird Group. Andrew has a wide range of knowledge in many fields of civil engineering design including roads, earthworks, pavements, stormwater management, sewerage, and water supply. Andrew’s role within RBG includes concept design, design review, and Project Director for major projects as well as civil technical direction, standards development and training of engineers and designers. Andrew is staunchly dedicated to Engineering and its processes.

Grant Weir joined RBG in 1986 as a graduate engineer. Since joining Grant has built on his engineering, project management, people management, and business management knowledge and skills. Grant is currently Group Managing Director and leads two of the Group Specialist Business Units. An integral part of the team, Grant has a seemingly innate ability to engage and inspire colleagues across the business.

Nick Barker Global Manager Infrastructure, Construction and Resources joined RBG as a Senior Structural Design Engineer in August of 1988. He has specialist knowledge in the construction of iconic structures, bridges, tunnels, wharves, stadia, and in the structural design and construction of high-rise and low-rise reinforced, prestressed, precast concrete and steel framed buildings and structures. Nick can do it all! and constantly has us in awe of the scope of the projects that he is involved with.

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