New Beginnings in an RBG Engineered Office

Welcome to the new Robert Bird Group (RBG) headquarters on Level 8 of Jubilee Place in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane! RBG is very excited to have established our home in this remarkable new building which our engineers designed and consulted on right through construction. Thanks to a massive team effort we are now unpacked and settled into the thoughtfully designed and furnished space.

At RBG we believe in the importance of mental health and well-being in fostering meaningful relationships, increasing productivity, and enabling our team members to be their best selves. The evolution of our workspaces comes as part of our commitment to establishing ‘A Great Way to Work’, which is one of our three central strategic objectives. ‘A Great Way to Work’ represents more than just the places where we work but also how we engage with our work and look after our people.

We understand that wellness, communication, and collaboration are vital in this fast-paced era and have purposefully designed our new home with a wellness room and several collaboration spaces scattered throughout the office. These spaces empower our team members to control their work environment, providing a space to wind down between meetings, meditate, worship, and engage with colleagues.

Our kitchen is fully equipped for all staff needs and includes, most importantly some might say, a new coffee machine that also makes an amazing hot chocolate! The ovens are ready and waiting for the regular baking competitions that invoke fun-filled cooking sessions with a touch of friendly competitiveness. The installation of projectors and screens, that facilitate our in-office presentations and social gatherings, couldn’t have come at a more perfect time with our big end-of-year 40-year anniversary celebration mere months away. And of course, the ping pong table, a stable fixture of RBG and a great stress reliever that we just couldn’t leave behind.

For more information on our role in the construction of Jubilee Place, click here.

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