The Adelaide Oval redevelopment is a focal point for the community and has had a very significant impact on the numbers of people attending sport events (including cricket, football and soccer) and concerts at the venue.

Of particular relevance was the very short time frame in which the project was delivered; one of the fastest times worldwide for a facility of this capacity. This was achieved firstly by RBG using advanced 4D visualisation of the construction process to the time line for the contractor to demonstrate that the programme was achievable. Also efficient delivery on site was ensured to a great extent due to the prior analysis by RBG of all stages of construction of the tiered seating steel structures and then the roof structures.

RBG’s staged erection analysis of the roof structures identified the actual stress levels in the structure through and after construction which were then verified with the permanent works designers for suitability and most importantly ensured stability of the part completed structures and fit up of subsequent sections to maintain safety and smooth operations at all times. RBG was able to revise the sequence of erection to overlap the fabric cladding with the completion of the steel erection mid-way through the programme to compensate for a slip in the steel delivery programme due to the complexity of the connections.


Using advanced modelling techniques RBG demonstrated the design of the access ramps through the grandstands for the delivery of the longer roof segments allowing these to be pre-fabricated in the workshop in larger sections thereby reducing the time on site. These modelling techniques were also applied to the access equipment and crane age as a form of Choreography to confirm that the cranes could manoeuvre subsequent lifts into place as the roof shell was completed and that the access equipment would safely reach all of the high level connection points.


The erection stress analysis carried out by RBG covered over 150 stages of assembly of the geometrically complex South and East diagrid roofs and determined temporary stability, levels of locked in stress, member utilisation during erection and the ability at each stage to fit up the next component.

Structural Design

Robert Bird Group also did the structural design of the specialist facades involving copper mesh working like a fabric in catenary. Coordinating with the supplier of the mesh from Germany, RBG’s design met the requirement to integrate the facade structure with the grandstand structures efficiently.

Project Metrics

Project Value:
AUD$560 million
Year Completed:
Building Metrics:
Capacity: 50,000

Project Metrics

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