The Belgian pavilion takes the shape of a green ark. This sustainable garden building is a strong symbol of union between the federal state and the federated entities of the country. Its architecture with sharp curves expresses the dynamism of Belgium in movement. Its large, welcoming arch shows the convergence of scientific and technological advances (innovations), economic and regulatory development (inclusion) and human and social development (understanding) that Belgium has to offer to the world.

In terms of its urban integration, this arch opens to the flows that cross it and create a true ’shortcut’ for the visitors connecting directly the main shaded Concourse Road and the Public Road that borders the longitudinal facade of the pavilion. The unique specificity of our plot C.77 with three accessible facades has been exploited to the maximum to create a great urban permeability

Project Metrics

Project Value:
Year Start / Completed:
2018 – Ongoing
Building Metrics:
Maximum build
zone: 1,456.98 sq.m
Plot area 2,179.43 sq.m
Culture & Entertainment
Expo 2020 Dubai

Project Metrics

RBG Client:
Assar and Vincent Callebaut
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural Engineering
Civil & geotechnical Engineering
Code Compliance