Precinct Properties acquired the government precinct Bowen Campus in 2012 with a plan to modernise the 1960’s and 1970’s Ministry of Works-designed buildings located near the Beehive and Parliament. Stage 1 of the redevelopment included the refurbishment and strengthening of the Bowen State Building and Charles Fergusson Tower. The Bowen State is a 11-storey building with 2 basement levels. The Charles Fergusson Tower is a 15-storey building with 2 basement levels.

Robert Bird Group were engaged by the building contractor Lt McGuinness, to provide construction engineering and temporary works design for the refurbishment works. The extensive refurbishment required stripping the building back to the structural core, providing safe and efficient access, and systematically upgrading and installing new services and façade. Façade was undertaken in conjunction with base building works requiring careful planning and methodologies.

Robert Bird scope included floor loading and floor penetration assessments, demolition staging and works sequencing; floor and peno propping; cantilever and spandrel temporary fixing/propping; designs for swing stages, working platforms, shutters; assessments and tie/footing designs for hoists; retractable loading platforms; basement and ramps propping, and erection method for chiller slabs.

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