This tower is located on George Street, Brisbane in close proximity to the Treasury Casino. The development comprises 214 apartments and Podium levels which house resident amenities, management facilities together with Ground floor retail and car parking.

Extensive works and re-planning within the existing 399 Bourke retail zone were required with the design team to ensure the structural integrity of the existing structure was maintained and the client’s expectations realised.

Project Features

  • The tower massing included three changes of primary use; basement car parking to Ground floor retail to podium car parking then to residential apartments. A single tower transfer at podium level 5 utilising 1,800mm deep post tensioned concrete was achieved through the careful coordination of vertical structure, minimising and simplifying the structural system and construction process.
  • The site is bounded by the heritage listed Pancake Manor building, which required underpinning and anchoring, coordinated with a carefully considered construction method to ensure stability and minimise movements and related impacts to this sensitive building.
  • A partially post tensioned flat plate floor structure thickness, whilst still achieving rapid floor construction rates (approximately four days)
  • The lateral load resisting system utilised the service core and engaged shear walls, creating a high lateral load resisting system. External concrete shear walls were also considered and engaged into the overall lateral system.
  • All vertical wall elements were constructed using jump systems, removing vertical structure construction activities from the critical path to create multiple work fronts during construction of the tower.

Project Metrics

Year Completed:
Expected completion 2005
Building Metrics:
41 Levels + 3 Basements
Residential & Retirement

Project Metrics

Devine Limited
Primary Contractor:
Cox Rayner
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural engineering
Civil engineering
Construction engineering

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