Our client faced significant programme constraints with Block A of the prestigious Clarges Estate. This was due to the relocation of tenants from the existing structure (located over half of the Block A floorplan), to the new Block D.

High-specification apartments located in Block A also required a lengthy fit-out period, so the client pursued a method to minimise the impact of the relocation on their schedule. RBG assisted in developing a construction sequence by which half of Block A could be built bottom-up then the remaining half built top-down post-relocation, accelerating the construction programme by a number of months. RBG developed 4D BIM and analysis models to determine:

  • Building behaviour in the temporary condition with only half the core building constructed;
  • Temporary works requirements to stabilise the building in the temporary state;
  • The effects of locked-in stress resulting from the staged construction approach; and
  • Plunge column requirements to support the top-down construction of the core’s second half.

Working closely with the Laing O’Rourke off-site DfMA construction team, all RBG design information was delivered via the BIM models to enable pre-cast concrete element manufacturing directly from these models.

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