Robert Bird Group was appointed by John Holland Group to conduct a structural adequacy check of two offshore crane gantries. These were existing crane gantries that John Holland Group was considering to purchase from Clough to assist with the construction of Berth Number Four at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal.

Key technical challenges

The two gantries are identical and are 4.5m high to the underside of the two main steel girders, 21m long and 7.3m in width. The gantries are designed to run along the length of the berth on the permanent coal loader rails at 18m centres.

Significant and interesting aspects of the project and Robert Bird Group’s role include the following:

  • It was proposed that the two gantries be utilised as a base for a Favco 1500 and a Liebherr LR 1280 crawler crane on the other.
  • Robert Bird Group provided advice as to the structural adequacy of the existing gantries for the proposed crane loadings for the two specified cranes. This assisted John Holland Group with their decision to purchase the existing gantries.

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Project Metrics

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