The ARC AK-1000 is a prototype 1MW tidal turbine. It is set to be installed at the EMEC test site in the Orkney Islands in 2015.

The installation site is in 35m of water with a rough sandstone seabed. A design for a steel gravity base was required in order to support the turbine and associated mechanical equipment.

The strong tidal currents and exposure to ocean waves made the site a challenging one. Operation of the 18m diameter turbine imposes substantial hydrodynamic forces on the supporting structure. Careful attention was required to ensure that the support structure would resist the imposed environmental loads and operational loading over the intended design life. Design to DNV code to meet requirements for strength, fatigue and installation.

Robert Bird Group also provided assistance in determining design hydrodynamic loading, and undertook partial redesign of the turbine to substructure connection, requiring non-linear contact FEA analysis.

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