The new office for the Hong Kong International Airport is a 6 storey building that is proposed to be located over the existing taxi staging area which meant that there were many site constraints with space, construction timeframe and site access. Robert Bird Group with our expertise in construction engineering was engaged to develop different construction systems for this building including a feasibility study on adopting prefabricated modular construction system.

The feasibility study included transportation study to site, identification of temporary works associated with the construction of the proposed office building including tower crane locations to determine the impact of temporary works on the taxi staging area and the overall airport operations.

The taxi building is a 6 storey office building that consists of reinforced concrete bored pile with a reinforced concrete core. RBG was tasked with investigating different construction systems for the superstructure floors and its integration with the concrete core. Construction systems that were developed are as follows:

  • Traditional concrete construction that was used as the base case for comparison
  • Precast concrete system
  • Steel framed system with composite floor
  • Modular systems

RBG’s scope include developing concept drawings for each construction system and 4D sequencing to illustrate one of the required construction methodologies.

Project Metrics

Project Value:
HKD 793 million
Year Completed:
Scheduled for completion in 2022
Building Metrics:
7 storey
Floor area = 23,000m2

Project Metrics

RBG Client:
Airport Authority Hong Kong
Design 2 (HK) Ltd.
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural Engineering Construction Engineering