HS2 is a state-of-the-art, high-speed line critical for the UK’s low carbon transport future. It will provide much-needed rail capacity across the country, and is integral to rail projects in the North and Midlands – helping rebalance the UK economy. HS2 trains will bring Britain closer together.

Robert Bird group are providing Construction Engineering, Civil and Geotechnical design services for temporary works to support EKFB (Eiffage Kier Ferrovial BAM) in the construction of sections C2 & C3 of the new High Speed 2 rail line which runs between London Euston and Birmingham (Phase 1)

The new rail line will require bridges, culverts, viaducts, tunnels, portals, cuttings and the realignment of several roads to be completed before opening. RBG scopes of work include the design of temporary bridges, new roads and highways, deep earthworks cuttings, temporary works, design checking and more, to support delivery of the permanent works.

Robert Bird Group are providing valuable support to EKFB as we work together to develop innovative temporary works solutions which lead to cost effective and efficient construction.

The initial phase of our involvement in the project involves the construction of the temporary haul and services roads which run the length of the trace. These roads carry all construction traffic including large earthmoving equipment required to move the estimates 13,000,000 m3 of soil required to construct this section of the track. In order to minimise the amount of construction traffic on local roads these roads are required to bridge over the existing infrastructure. In a number of locations, the temporary bridges are 40m+ span, 3 lanes temporary steel structures carrying 100t dump trucks and other heavy equipment.

Robert Bird Groups involvement includes:

  • Design of temporary hauls roads
  • Design of temporary bridge abutments and bridges
  • Design of temporary retaining walls
  • Design of temporary compounds
  • Design of temporary service bridging slabs
  • Design of temporary highway realignments
  • Design of temporary culverts
  • Design of temporary crane foundations
  • Design of temporary drainage
  • Slope Stability
  • Temporary works and construction sequencing of permanent structural elements
  • 4D Virtual Design and Construction
  • Cat 3 checking and Peer reviews

RBG Value Add

Robert Bird Groups Construction Engineering experience has been invaluable in supporting EKFB as we are able to draw on a broad range of skills for a number of sectors and industries to find best for project solutions

The use of 4D Virtual Design and Construction models to bring together construction programs and models from a number of designers and design scopes has been of huge benefit in a number of key locations on the project. The ability for RBG to provide 4D visuals to illustrate project constraints has allow the construction teams to make the required adjustments in the design phase and minimise construction delays


Robert Bird Group have provided project specifications that include alternative, more sustainable materials for consideration and we are currently developing a number of reporting tools which we can use to communicate sustainability information on our designs withing the drawings and reports

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Estimated 2026

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