RBG were engaged by Laing O’Rourke to provide multi-faceted Construction Engineering assistance for the Liverpool Street Crossrail project. This involved temporary works within Moorgate Station to enable the demolition and remodelling required to link the station to the new Crossrail facility. Moreover, RBG provided temporary works for the construction of the sub-surface access passageway, which would connect the existing Liverpool Street Underground station to the new Crossrail Broadgate ticket hall. Prior to RBG joining the project, a construction scheme had been developed for the access passageway. This scheme involved sacrificial sheet piling, clashes with buried features, extensive excavation and disturbance to sensitive adjacent structures.

Liverpool Street AP8 Excavation and Propping

After intensive investigation and analysis of existing features, coupled with innovative 4D modelling, RBG devised an alternative solution that was more sustainable, less disruptive and had less impact on adjacent structures. This was achieved through:

  • An intricate sequence of temporary propping and king posts to address the tight tolerances of the adjacent Thames Water assets; this sequence allowed the number of props to be minimised, which in turn maximised the available working space for construction.
  • Reducing sacrificial temporary works through enhancement of permanent works elements for use in the temporary condition, as well as utilising existing tunnels as earth retention systems.

Project Metrics

Year Completed:
Laing O’Rourke
Robert Bird Group Services:
Construction Engineering
BCI Awards 2016 – Short-listed: for Temporary Works Award (Civil Engineering)