MP4 is the fourth phase of the Lendlease Master Plan redevelopment of the former Heygate Estate, Elephant and Castle, south London. The phase comprises two plots, H11a and H11b, which frame the eastern end of the overall development. Each plot includes a tower (up to 25 storeys) and a midrise block (up to 11 storeys). The phase will deliver 492 apartments, with a mixture of market, rental and affordable housing. Retail, plant space and building infrastructures are provided at ground floor level, while amenity spaces are provided for both the H11a and H11b plots at level 18 and 24 respectively. A landscaped podium slab connects the H11a tower and midrise block at first level, providing plant and commercial space at ground floor and amenity space and dedicated child play space at level 1. The whole H11a plot utilises Volumetric Modular Construction, whereas H11b utilises a more conventional RC/PT frame

Key Technical Challenges

  • Existing piles from former buildings affecting proposed piling solutions
  • Protected trees and existing buried services which affect foundation design and construction methodologies;
  • Stringent floor-to-floor heights (meeting maximum parameters) affecting slab thickness, movement and tolerance and service zones.

RBG Technical Solutions

  • Piled foundation scheme developed to respond to varying ground conditions and existing obstructions.
  • 200mm deep PT slabs are used for the H11b plot to maximise floor-to-ceiling heights. Transfer systems are kept to a minimum by careful positioning of columns at step-back levels.
  • Axial shortening of columns considered in the H11b tower to prevent differential settlement of the tower floor plate relative to the core.
  • 1.1-1.2m deep RC transfer slab at level 1 of the H11a plot to support the Volumetric Modular layout above and maximise open plan layout to ground floor layout.
  • 550mm deep RC slab at podium level supports high landscaping loads and offers long spans over the commercial space below.

Key Technical Innovation

Both the 18-storey tower and the 11-storey midrise block within the H11a plot will be constructed using Volumetric Modular Construction techniques. Co-ordination of services and structure between the pre-fabricated modules and the in-situ service core and vertical structure below level 1 was key to deliver this innovative construction technique.

Project Metrics

Year Completed:
Building Metrics:
492 apartments
10-25 storeys
32 to 78m height
24,900m2 site area
Lendlease Development

Project Metrics

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