River Place is a 43-storey apartment tower, including four basement levels, on the banks of the Brisbane River, and occupies the final Admiralty Tower Precinct site on the CBD Brisbane River reach. This slender residential tower contains 311 units together with seven luxury riverfront villas, and an extensive boardwalk linking the Admiralty Development up to Boundary Street.

Project Value:
$123 million
Year Completed:
Building Metrics:
43 Levels, 4 Basements
4 Star Greenstar
4.5 Star AGBR

Devine Limited
Primary Contractor:
Woods Bagott
Robert Bird Group Services:
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Engineering

Key technical challenges

  • The primary tower structure consists of a composite slab and beam structure. Due to the long beam spans and thin slab, extensive analysis for footfall vibration was required to ensure the structure achieved code requirements and client expectations.
  • Working with the existing structure and developing design solutions that strengthened rather than demolished.
  • Extensive co-ordination with the mechanical engineer to develop a strategy that minimised beam penetrations and beam notches.
  • Differential shortening analysis with consideration of mega truss, steel structure, concrete structure and existing structural elements

Environmental performance

  • 5 Star Greenstar
  • 5 Star NABERs Energy and 4 Star NABERs Water ratings.

Key structural and construction aspects of this project are:

  • Due to the site’s proximity to the river, four basement levels to its Boundary Street frontage reduced to two basements at the riverfront, resulting in a large out of balance earth pressure to be supported by the development. This was resisted by the primary lateral load resisting system for the tower in the permanent case.
  • Given the development’s proximity to the river and the geotechnical conditions present, water ingress was a key design consideration. To avoid costly and programme impacts, a cutoff system was employed to allow the lowest basement to be designed and constructed using traditional slab on grade techniques.
  • Due to the apartment mix, proximity to the river and car parking through the lower levels required numerous vertical element transfers. These were optimised and focused onto specific levels to ensure the tower’s construction above podium achieved a four-day average cycle.
  • Significant design coordination and consideration was required to ensure rapid cycle times were achieved and maintained through the tower including the use of jump forms for both the cores and shear wall and concrete façade wall elements.

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