Reveal projects can now be accessed and streamed via a secured web portal, providing clients with greater convenience and reduced hardware requirements, to access their projects on-demand. 

Reveal is a Virtual Design and Construction interactive platform that enables project stakeholders to experience and collaborate on built assets that are either completed or under construction in a virtual environment. 

Reveal enables Project sites and surrounding environments to be reproduced in a realistic manner, so every element is easily identifiable, and the project scope and context can be better realised.


Reveal is capable of seamlessly integrating multiple model and data sources, including project schedules. Every structural and architectural element can be interrogated, isolated, and reviewed with full BIM data retention.


Reveal can be used to simply review model progress, coordinate and iterate on master plans, inform and refine design decisions, and validate construction methodologies.

Reveal provides our clients with an intuitive platform that can be integrated across multiple disciplines at any stage of a project, from development planning, design iteration through to construction and project delivery. This facilitates better communication and cross team collaboration, allowing impactful decisions to me made effectively and efficiently.


Integrating Reveal at the early stages of a construction projects lifecycle can provide greater insight to construction challenges, influencing logistics coordination through digital rehearsals, minimising risk, and maintaining delivery timeframes and budgets. 

Reveal can also be used in site logistics preparation, materials scheduling, as well as for site induction and training, helping to ensure greater safety for all.

A summary of some of the key features RBG Reveal includes:

    • Interactive Model Design Review
    • Model Element Interrogation and Validation
    • Model Federation
    • 4D Construction Methodologies and Scheduling
    • Interactive 4D Construction Sequence Timeline
    • Measurement, Section tools
    • Intuitive controls and navigation
    • Native support for:
      • Revit
      • Navisworks
      • SketchUp
      • Rhino
      • Synchro
      • 3ds Max
      • IFC

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