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RBG Reveal is now available online!

Reveal is a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) interactive platform that enables project stakeholders to experience and collaborate on built assets that are either completed or under construction in a virtual environment. We are excited to announce that RBG Reveal is now available online via our new portal!

RBG is committed to ensuring our clients have access to industry-leading visualisation technologies for the best possible project outcomes. Embracing the best digital tools to deliver the VDC process, we have been working hard behind the scenes on our latest VDC initiative, RBG Reveal Online.

Projects on Reveal can now be accessed and streamed via a secure online portal, ensuring our clients greater convenience and reduced hardware requirements. RBG Reveal Online will allow users to view any updates on relevant projects without downloading content or worrying about extensive system specifications. This unique service offering can accelerate the construction process by providing clients and design teams with a means by which to identify any issues in the early stages of the project with increased efficiency.

To view the key features of RBG Reveal and to access RBG Reveal Online, click here.