Future growth forecasts for aviation passenger travel are staggering, with the IATA predicting that global passenger numbers will double from 2015 to 2035.

This level of growth presents many challenges for the aviation sector, but it also provides exciting opportunities.


Our aviation facilities will need to be expanded and upgraded to meet the needs of modern aircraft, and the modern passenger – critically, without disrupting existing services.  New airport facilities will need to be built in both urban and rural areas, and will need to be world-class from the day they open, in order to attract the business required to make them commercial and customer successes.

RBG Services

Our specific aviation-related services include:

  • Terminals, including passenger processing, retail, customs and baggage handling areas
  • Car parking facilities
  • Hangars and other maintenance facilities
  • Aircraft pavements (in partnership with third parties)
  • Land-side developments such as hotels and offices
  • Aerobridges
  • Air traffic control towers
  • Airside stormwater management and drainage design

Innovative Design Solutions

At Robert Bird Group, we deliver innovative structural, civil, digital and construction engineering solutions for the aviation industry.  Whether it be expansion of existing facilities to enable increased capacity, asset replacement, additional resilience against threats, or modifications to achieve an improved customer experience – we have delivered major domestic and international airport projects around the world.