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Established in 1982, Robert Bird Group is a global consulting engineering firm with over 700 staff across ten offices. A member of the Surbana Jurong Group, we are committed to delivering each client’s vision through the relentless pursuit of engineering excellence across all projects.

We offer consulting engineering services across five disciplines, drawing upon our international expertise:

These services are offered both as stand-alone disciplines, or packaged to suit any client’s individual needs for projects of all types and sizes, across most building and infrastructure sectors.

Our Philosophy

We integrate engineering design excellence with construction and delivery expertise to achieve significant benefits for our client, notably those related to cost, programme and risk.

Globally collaborating to address projects at a local level, we can quickly assemble teams of engineering and related professionals from our offices worldwide.

We Embrace Change

Committed to continual improvement, we can be relied upon to suggest alternatives to commonly accepted practices. Our ability to fully understand the perspective of the client, the architect and all involved in the project team has resulted in award-winning designs and projects. To this end, we are early adopters of new technology, whether it be for engineering analysis, design, documentation, or communication.  For the client, it is an inspiring combination of reliable experience and unexpected passion.

Jason Beutel


“Acknowledging that it is our people who achieve our success, we focus on the development of our employees regardless of their seniority or position.”

Engineering Challenges

The greatest engineering challenges of this century will be the development of new approaches required to meet our rapidly changing environment and lifestyles.  Continued global urbanisation will present diverse challenges throughout our planet, including security, sustainability, and flexibility.

Exceptional Engineering Talent

We are committed to fostering exceptional engineering talent, who share our dedication to environmentally responsible design. Our advanced technical services in structural robustness and blast hardening respond to the ever-increasing requirements for public security, whilst our expertise in designing for adaptive re-use, and advanced capabilities in areas such as Tall Buildings and Transport Infrastructure, aim to meet the growing demands of worldwide urbanisation.

Robert Bird Group is committed to continue to be a leader in the engineering services we offer, to meet the key challenges of the future.

Robert Bird


“We are specialists in a world of generalists. We focus our efforts, skills and experience on extraordinary technical challenges for clients that value this specialisation.”

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