The twenty-first century has seen a revolution both in the knowledge we have access to, and the way we share it. As a result, educational buildings need to be more adaptive, more flexible than ever before.

Robert Bird Group sees this challenge as our opportunity to deliver creative and innovative design solutions for building structures in this sector.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to design and deliver such innovated responses that cater to current and future requirements is demonstrated through landmark projects such as the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney, and the Biological Sciences Phase 1 Redevelopment at the University of New South Wales.

RBG Services

Robert Bird Group provides structural, civil, geotechnical (UK) and construction engineering services for the design and delivery of education and research facilities, including:

  • Teaching and learning spaces
  • Lecture theatres
  • Auditorium
  • Assembly halls
  • Wet and dry research laboratories
  • Spaces for specialist equipment such as mass accelerometers and MRI machines
  • Sports training and development facilities
  • Car parking facilities
  • Site-wide infrastructure works including construction logistics for staged developments

Future-proofing for Adaptive Re-use

Our approach to adaptive re-use includes critically assessing future flexibility requirements, and incorporating, at low or no cost, the ability to install additional services, increase floor loadings, and horizontally or vertically expand structures.  We are also experts in design for extended structural design life of up to 100 years.

Long Span Teaching & Learning Spaces

Assembly halls, auditoriums and lecture theatres commonly demand column-free space, requiring structures to span anything from 10 metres to over 50 metres.  We are experts in the efficient delivery of structural solutions to span long distances, creating functional and affordable high-quality learning space.

These services can be provided for facilities of various scale, anywhere around the globe. Our specialist expertise in the education and research sector for Education and Research Sector includes:

Floor Vibration Control

Research buildings and educational buildings with specialist equipment often need to meet highly stringent floor vibration criteria, including response factors (Rf) as low as 0.25 for equipment such as mass spectroscopy.  Floor vibration control is a specialist skill held by Robert Bird Group. Using in-house developed technology, we are able to inform clients about vibration performance to a very high level of accuracy, and work with clients and contractors to develop high-performing structures that meet tight budget and programme parameters.